Title: New Head-Lice Treatments: Hope or Hype?
Subject(s): INSECTICIDE resistance; INSECTS; LICE; MARKETING; MUTATION (Biology); PATENT laws & legislation; PEDICULOSIS; PESTICIDE resistance; PEARLMAN, Dale
Author(s): Roberts, Richard J.; Burgess, Ian F.*
Source: Lancet, 1/1/2005, Vol. 365 Issue 9453, p8, 3p, 1c
Abstract: Examines a possible new treatment for head lice. Increase in cases in developed countries which is suspected to be the result of increasing resistance to pyrethroid-based treatments; Examination of the lice which showed mutation in a region in the membrane of the nerve cell; Claims of Dale Pearlman who has a new product on the market; Dispute of the science behind the claims; Suspicion that the study used to make claims was written by Pearlman who holds the patents which therefore ruins any objectivity; Suggestion that the product is not ready for use; Advice on other ways to get rid of head lice.
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