Title: Clinical Evidence of Lice Resistance to Over-the-Counter Products.
Author(s): Burkhart CG; Burkhart CN*
Author’s Address: Department of Medicine, Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio, USA.
Source: Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery. [J Cutan Med Surg] 2000 Oct; Vol. 4 (4), pp. 199-201.
Journal Information: Country of Publication: Canada NLM ID: 9614685 ISSN: 1203-4754 Subsets: MEDLINE
Abstract: BACKGROUND: Over-the-counter insecticidal solutions continue to be the mainstream treatment for most cases of head lice. Recorded insecticidal activity 15 years ago was at 100%, with ovicidal kill at 80%. Recently scattered accounts of possible resistance have surfaced.

OBJECTIVE: This article is to document the general consensus that head lice are becoming resistant to standard over-the-counter therapies.

METHODS: Direct testing of lethality of adult lice with permethrin and pyrethroid was assessed.

RESULTS: Present over-the-counter products proved to be successful in only 9 of 32 head lice tested (28% insecticidal activity).

CONCLUSIONS: Our series of cases further documents that over-the-counter head lice preparations no longer achieve high levels of insecticidal activity, suggesting increased resistance to these insecticides.

Database: MEDLINE

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